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My passion for the beauty therapy industry has been fueled by a desire to encourage other people to celebrate who they are and to display that proudly with full confidence.  I aspire to help each client realize that their inner beauty is being reflected to the outside world through the expert aesthetic touches I carefully add, ensuring to reflect their personality effortlessly and stylishly. 

At the end of 2006 I walked into the NZIEBTh Training School in Palmerston North, the place that would shape my mind and equip me to fulfil the tasks ahead.  I had no idea that my journey would lead me to many fascinating places all over the globe and through different chapters of Beauty Therapy.  Through that time I have had many changes to myself and also my career.

After starting out in a Salon and acquiring experience and a joy for my work, I moved into roles as a Trainer, Educator and Researcher. These amazing opportunities enabled me to expand my understanding of the skin and the chemistry behind cosmetics, working with a cosmeceutical company gave me a wealth of knowledge to my practical applications.

Midway through that decade I got married to my adventurous husband David, who I followed to the Outback in Australia.  While he flew in and out of remote airstrips I pursued understanding of Aboriginal bush medicine and it’s Beauty Therapy applications, along with other alternative therapies involved in adjusting diet and lifestyle to promote strength, health and wellness.  During our time in Australia I gave birth to two beautiful daughters, who I love to spend time with and teach how to embrace the beauty and joy that is all around us.   They are a huge source of my inspiration and encourage me to be a better version of myself daily.

Since moving back to New Zealand I have been able to enjoy being hands-on again, bringing the new research and knowledge that I attained over the years back into the Salon where it can impact those that I interact with daily.  All the while I feel I am achieving the same original goal of walking with a client through a transformation of both body and mind as they improve their sense of self and enjoy refining their personal appearance. 

My salon hours are a focused time, where I enjoy troubleshooting issues that clients present, pampering those that need expert hands to help them unwind, and using a thorough investigative approach to ensure that the right home-care and prescriptive advice is matched with the right person.  I aim to give a sense of care both in the salon and support even in your own home beauty regime, ensuring that you feel confident that each step you are taking with us is one that has been carefully thought out and expertly guided to the goals that you want to achieve.

I look forward to meeting you in the salon and finding out how I can empower you to achieve the beauty goals that you have.

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