herbal pigment oil
herb & mineral mist
DMK Seba-E-Hydrating Oil About Beauty DMK Herbal-Pigment skin softening oil
DMK Herb-Mineral Moiture Spray About Beauty
seba-e is formulated with a very fine blend of herbal oils and vitamin E which aims to penetrate the skin and seal in moisture. seba-e aims to replicate your skin’s natural sebum to retain the water and nutrients necessary for cell life. When used in combination with herb & mineral mist, seba-e can combat dryness and dehydration. Any of the DMK crèmescan be applied over this superb oil.

Size: 30ml
Nourish, smooth and strengthen while brightening your skin. This rich herbal compound is ideal for skins exhibiting environmental damage. It can be used for dark circles around the eyes, dark patches on the knees and elbows, raised scars, dry lips and cuticles.

Size: 30ml
Infuse your skin with the instant blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements contained in DMK’s signature spray. herb & mineral mist is the binder for all DMK facial products which, when absorbed into the skin, facilitate tissue hydration and the deep penetration of DMK crèmes and serums. herb & mineral mist combined with seba-e initiates barrier repair therapy. This mist can be sprayed over make-up to brighten and wake-up tired skin.

Size: 120ml 
Essential size: 60ml
acu mist
aminodine spritz


dmk acu-mist-120ml tonic for oily skin About Beauty Nelson DMK Aminodine Rehydrating Spray
Designed to help acne sufferers restore the acid mantle which acts as a barrier against bacteria and other potential contaminants.  It works to eliminate acne-causing bacteria fast, while also hydrating the skin and protecting against trans epidermal water loss.  ACU-MIST is a crucial part of the Klear Collection routine.
Size: 120ml
DMK’s ‘golden water’ is a specialised night intervention spritz. aminodine spritz is a remarkable anti-ageing breakthrough to act against cross-linked wrinkles in mature, middle-aged and sun-damaged skins. Use in conjunction with night firming crème for radiance and firmness.

Size: 120ml



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