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Acu Crème
Crème Citrique
dmk acu-moist moisture cream with SPF 15 suncreen-31
DMK Acu-Creme-Jar-15ml
DMK Creme-Citrique tone balancing Cream About Beauty Nelson
A light non-greasy daily creme, ACU-MOIST works to retain and balance moisture levels within the skin, while regulating oil flow in congested acne-prone skins.

Size: 50ml
Essential Size:  15ml
Acu Crème controls congested skin through mildly exfoliating dead skin cells and purifying and controlling excess sebaceous oil. Acu Crème is specifically formulated for congested skin which displays fast cell proliferation, excess sebum and a crusty thickened textured skin. Acu Crème can also be used by men who suffer from ingrown facial hairs.

Size: 60ml
Essential Size:  15ml
A unique crème designed to maintain the skin’s pH balance to regulate oil flow in particularly oily skin. The crème’s gentle citric action brightens and tones the skin and provides hydration while normalising oily skin. Good for freckly, dark, sallow, oily skin.

Size:  50ml
Essential Size:  15ml
Pro Amino
Biogen C
DMK Pro-Amino-Moisture Cream for Neutral Skin DMK Betagen-Cream DMK Biogen C Firming Moisture Cream with SPF 15 Suncreen 50ml
Restore balance to youthful skins with pro amino crème. Formulated with the eight essential amino acids, proteins, vitamin C and hydroscopic lipids, pro amino crème contains essential ingredients all necessary for the life of skin cells. pro amino crème is designed for neutral skins without the presence of difficult conditions.

Size:  50ml
Essential Size:  15ml
Known as DMK’s emergency crème, this unique formulation resuscitates and regenerates skin that demonstrates environmental stress, premature ageing and signs of trauma. Betagen Crème is specifically formulated for sun-damaged, environmentally impacted, reactive, irritated or dehydrated skin. It aims to reduce redness and revise inflamed skin conditions.

Size:  30ml
Biogen C Crème is an instant pick-me-up crème designed to tone and tighten dull, tired and stressed skin. Biogen C Crème is specifically designed to revise the signs of ageing and fragile capillaries as well as reactive skin conditions. It can also be used post-surgery on bruised areas.

Size:  30ml
Essential Size:  15ml
Melanotech Crème
Super Bright
DMK Melanotech-Creme-Tone Balancer About Beauty Nelson DMK Super-Bright-Skin Brightening cream DMK Revise A 30ml Exfoliating Vitamin A Cream
melanotech crème aids in cell respiration and oxygenation using powerful antioxidants designed to prevent premature ageing and pigmentation. melanotech crème is the crème of choice for darker skin tones who are genetically inclined to pigmentation.

Size:  30ml
A revolutionary blend of botanical ingredients for pigmentation, sun-damage and uneven skin tones, super bright brightens skin without the side effects of harmful toxins or making your skin more photo sensitive. A must-have for skins suffering from discolouration.

Size:  60ml
revise-A is designed for skins that are on a maintenance program. This vitamin A derivative is a modified version of retosin which helps to improve the appearance of the skin. Its formulation is designed to soften and address the skin’s surface and challenge roughness, uneven skin tone, tired sagging skin and early signs of ageing.

Size:  30ml
Nite Firming


DMK Nite-Firming Antioxidant Moisture Cream    
A specialised crème designed to revise the signs of ageing. Using a multitude of active specialised ingredients including vitamin C and grape pip extract known for its age-management properties, nite firming crème may be applied around the fragile eye area and is also suitable for use on the neck, décolleté and jowls.

Size:  60ml
Essential Size:  15ml

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