Actrol Powder
DMK Actrol Powder Sebum Control Powder DMK acu-klear-purifying-lotion DMK Acu-Therm Thermal Gel
Soak up excess sebaceous oils and fluids with this powder formulation. actrol powder offers a cleansing seal on the skin and encourages healing. This unique formulation is suitable for sensitive, oily and acne prone skins.

Size: 30g
Designed to eliminate existing acne and prevent future breakouts.  ACU-KLEAR is an important step in the Klear Collection routine.  By applying a thin layer of ACU-KLENZ both morning and night this treatment provides ongoing protection against breakouts to acne-affected areas.

Size: 30ml
Containing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this topical spot gel is designed to heat and soften sebum plugs, enabling pores to expel backed-up fluid and trapped bacteria.  Used at night ACU-THERM combats acne breakouts fast.

Size:  5ml
Pore Reduction Plus
DMK_Calerase-Exfoliating Foot Cream 60ml
DMK Contraderm Soothing Skin Cream-
dmk pore reduction refining tonic 30ml
DMK's Calerase softens and reduces cracks and dry callouses on the feet and hands, and is well known for its results in treating dry cuticles leaving treated areas supple and free from unsightly dead skin.  Calerase can also be used to minimise and prevent ingrown hairs.

Size:  60ml
contraderm crème is an anti-trauma formula for skin. Specifically designed for use during skin convalescence, contraderm crème can also be used to soothe minor skin irritations and itching due to (or during) skin revision treatments.

Size:  15ml
Formulated to tighten and refine open pores without stripping the skin of its natural oils, Pore Reduction Plus is designed for use on the nose and surrounding areas.

Size:  30ml
Melanotech Drops
Red Vein Crème
dmk melanoplex drops Tone Balancer DMK Dermatox Skin Cleansing Tonic
DMK Red Vein Flushed Skin Cream
Applied under Super Bright,  Melanotech Drops brighten and inhibit stubborn pigmentation.  This combination of drops and creme encourages reduction of dark areas.

Size:  30ml
The three minute skin purifier, dermatox is designed to draw impurities out of the skin. dermatox aims to minimise impurities by deeply cleansing the skin and instantly brightening the complexion.

Size:  60ml
Designed to reduce the appearance of superficial veins, fragile capillaries, unsightly redness, acne scarring and discolouration.  Red vein crème can also be used to help reduce bruising.

Size:  15ml

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