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indio mask

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Indio dry skin rescue 50ml
a rich restorative, deeply hydrating and nourishing cream designed to heal, soothe and provide relief for lipid dry or environmentally stressed skins.

It repairs and strengthens, and provides increased moisturisation by inhibiting evaporation from the skins surface.

Indio face lift 50ml
this kaolin clay based mask is infused with active tingling concentrations of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and lemon juice instantly lifting, brightening, and energizing the skin to leave it looking and feeling fresh and firm.

The highly effective combination of green tea, Vitamin B5, Retinyl Palmitate offer superior results. A great mask for the treatment of blemished skin and an essential component of any anti-aging skin routine.

50ml - $99.80 50ml - $98.00 50ml - $85.00


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