Facial Anti Aging Day Creme

intense anti aging formula

Pure Fiji Facial Anti Aging Day Creme About Beauty

Halt the hands of time with this intense anti aging formula which visibly reduces the signs of ageing on the face and décolleté. A rich botanical blend enhanced with peptides dramatically increases collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis to smooth and prevent wrinkles whilst restructuring and densifying the dermis. Ageing cells are recharged with long-life youth and hydration levels restored for a smoother and rejuvenated appearance.

Apply to cleansed and toned skin from the décolleté upwards


  • Reduces and prevents wrinkles
  • Encourages ageing cells to act as young cells.
  • Increase in collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis.
  • Restructures, firms and tones the dermis
  • Higher concentration of actives for targeted results

Suitable for visible signs of aging that appear from the mid 40's


anti aging day creme
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