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Youngblood’s Lip Glosses add long-wearing colour and shine to lips, while keeping them soft and supple. This conditioning, non-sticky formula provides a high-gloss finish of sheer colour, that won’t bleed, while plumping shades (Champagne Ice, Coral Kiss, Coy and Guava) provide noticeably plumper lips without the tingle and irritation experienced by most lip plumpers.

Youngblood’s Lip Glosses are specially formulated with Candellila wax to protect lips against moisture loss and Sunflower oil for added moisture and brilliant shine.

Enriched with vitamin E and Green Tea Extract for antioxidant protection, the glosses are free from perfumes and chemical dyes and like all Youngblood products, are cruelty free.

Youngblood’s Lip Glosses are available in 11 lip-loving sheens. Apply to bare lips for a slick of smooth colour, or over Lipstick or Lip Liner Pencil for a glamorous, evening look.
youngblood lip gloss
plumping champagne ice
youngblood lip gloss
deja vu
youngblood lip gloss
Youngblood Lipgloss Champagne Ice Youngblood Lip gloss Deja Vu Youngblood Lip gloss Mesmerize
3.5g - $54.00 3.5g - $54.00 3.5g - $54.00
youngblood lip gloss
youngblood lip gloss
youngblood lip gloss
Youngblood Lipgloss Rhapsody Youngblood lip gloss fantasy lipgloss Youngblood Lipgloss Devotion
3.5g - $54.00 3.5g - $54.00 3.5g - $54.00
youngblood lip gloss
youngblood lip gloss
Youngblood LipGloss-Innocence-lip gloss Youngblood-lip-gloss-Poetic-lipgloss_About_Beauty  
3.5g - $54.00 3.5g - $54.00  


Youngblood Lip Gloss is beautiful when used on it's own for a sheer, glossy finish to the lip, or when layered over Lip Liner or Lipstick for more colour and glamour. Simply apply Youngblood Lip Gloss to the entire lip area using the lip wand applicator and you're done!

To ensure gloss does not bleed outside the natural lip line, be sure not to apply the gloss right on or beyond the edge of the lip.


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