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spa pedicure 
(includes free mini polish)
spa manicure 
(includes free mini polish)
express manicure or pedicure
Yes you can have beautiful feet - treat them now to a refreshing foot spa, complete nail and cuticle care, dry skin removal, soothing massage and choose the colour of your choice.  Includes a FREE mini polish to take home. The full works - nail and cuticle care, leaving a smooth neat finish after a devine exfoliating massage. Add a splash of colour with your choice of polish. Includes a FREE mini polish to take home. Short of time or just need a quick fix then this will do the trick - improved shape, new tidy cuticles and buffed shiny or painted nails.
- 75 minutes   $85  - 60 minutes   $75 - 45 minutes   $58
file & polish
polish only
paraffin hydrating wrap
Quick fix without the fuss - nail shape tidied before polish is applied.    
- 30 minutes   $38 - 15 minutes   $15  - 30 minutes   $25
gel manicure
gel pedicure
gel removal
Gelcolor offers you a thin protective coating with a fabulous range of latest fashion colours to choose from! This manicure service can last up to 4 weeks. Leave the salon with perfectly manicured polish dry nails. Plus you can add the French Tip look for extra $10   When it's time for them to come off let us complete the nails with a safe removal so nail plate is cared for with a file and natural finishing buff or ask about our home removal kits available to purchase
- 45 minutes   $65 - 45 minutes   $65 - 30 minutes   $30
add french polish
add on gel removal
men's sport pedicure
The perfect finish with a stunning delicate white tip perfect for brides 

Add to any of the above

Add to any of the above  
Don't know where to start with your feet.  Let us tidy up your cuticles and shape your nails.  (We promise we won't paint them for you.)  Also treat dry heels.
- 15 minutes   $15 - 20 minutes   $10 60 minutes   $75


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