medical grade IPL hair removal technology means better results

We are proud to introduce EPB beaute® technology.

A range of 5 dermato-aesthetic treatments:
  • Lasting photoepilation of dark hair 
  • Permanent photoepilation of blond and white hair 
  • Phototoning and anti-age 
  • Vascular and acne treatment 
  • Pigmentary treatment 
Anthelia IPL Pulsed light permanent hair removal treatment About Beauty Nelson
A personalised, durable and efficient solution.  EFB beaute® devices are the new generation of progressive and durable depilation by Intense Pulsed Light.

The soft and efficient method for both men and women offers numerous advantages over other classical and ephemeral depilation methods.  The Anthélia® pulsed light, polychromatic light filtered of all ultraviolet rays (UVA, UVB and UVC), generates an articial yet totally natural reactivation of collagen and elastin. 

The treatment is without risk and innocuous for the face and body. 

This new technology, which has considerably evolved over the last ten years, is the know-how of EFB, the French manufacturer and market leader since nearly twenty years 

Owner of more than fifteen patents concerning pulsed light since 1994, the French designer and manufacturer EFB has become a key actor on the medical aesthetics market since 2005. 

EFB is also the only company to have registered a world patent concerning the permanent epilation of white and blond hair. 

how it works

The light produced by Anthelia® generates a controlled energy that is absorbed by the melanin of the hair thus eliminating hair follicles.  The cycle of hair growth is stopped, without any risk to the skin.  Once the follicle is eliminated in anagen phase, hair can not grow again.

what are the results

Before after permanent hair removal About Beauty Nelson Pulse light hair removal About Beauty Nelson
The hair is eliminated in 4 to 8 treatments on average according to your hair growth and the zone to be treated.

Sessions are spaced from 6 to 10 weeks, depending on the treatment area.
  • from the first treatment, we observe a considerable decrease in hair growth.
  • efficient on white and blonde hair
  • technique invented, patented and launched by EFB
  how many treatments
It is important to wait for regrowth before each new session.  The life cycle of the hair is not the same as the body area.  We advise you to follow the deadlines below for maximum efficiency.
average time between session
average number of sessions

permanent hair removal treatment About Beauty Nelson
beard 6 weeks 6-8
upper lip or chin 6 weeks 6-8
armpit 6 weeks 6-10
bikini 6 weeks 6-10
torso 6-12 weeks 6-8
back 6-12 weeks 6-8
arms 6-12 weeks 4-6
half legs 6-12 weeks 4-6
complete legs 6-12 weeks 4.6

Frequency of hair removal according to the area treated with pulsed light.  

Meet with one of our certified aestheticians the will offer you their experience and their advice to guarantee your full satisfaction.

what parts of the body can we treat?

EFB beaute® technology answers all hair problems for women and men.  It offers excellent results on all body and facial areas, in all security.

how much will this treatment cost?

IPL consultation - allow 30 minutes   FREE
Treatment prices may vary according to the area being treated, plus we will offer combo prices for more than two areas are being treated at the same appointment.


full leg
half leg
full brazilian
 - allow 60 minutes $500  - allow 45 minutes $300 -  allow 45 minutes $250
upper back of legs
G- string bikini
 - allow 30 minutes $100 - allow 30 minutes $180 -  allow 15 minutes $120
- allow 15 minutes $80 - allow 30 minutes $180 - allow 15 minutes $60
lip and chin
sides of face
- allow 15 minutes $80 - allow 30 minutes $120 - allow 15 minutes $100


full leg
half leg
- allow 60 minutes $500 - allow 45 minutes $300 - allow 45 minutes $300
- allow 15 minutes $120 - allow 30 minutes $250 - allow 30 minutes $180
chest & abdomen
- allow 45 minutes $300 - allow 30 minutes $200 - allow 30 minutes $140
facial beard
- allow 30 minutes $150 - allow 15 minutes $100  
NB: These prices are for single area's however if you are wanting two or more areas treated we provide package combo deals for combining more areas in the same session.

IPL skin rejuvenation, IPL pigment removal
or red vein therapy for HER or HIM

full face, neck & décolletage
full face
hands or décolletage
- allow 45 minutes $300 - allow 30 minutes $200 - allow 30 minutes $100
cheeks, nose & chin
cheeks or nose or chin
- allow 30 minutes $120 - allow 15 minutes $80  

No more waxing, no more shaving.  Your skin will be soft and smooth!



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